The Grays of Berlin in March

"Nobody comes to Berlin for the weather." Before cities shut down, flights were cancelled, masks/gloves/anxiety became the norm, jobs and lives were lost because of COVID-19, I traveled to Berlin this year. I was optimistic that in the world the flu would stay the flu, but that's not the case. We may not have a … Continue reading The Grays of Berlin in March

Rainy Days in Ostuni, Italy

To highlight the life and energy of Puglia, Italy amid current environmental devastation, I will be posting photo-essays about southern Italian cities I had the chance to visit in 2015. On-going protests wouldn't stop me from visiting the region again, but to each his own. Travel consciously. Ostuni — a small town near Bari known … Continue reading Rainy Days in Ostuni, Italy

“You Can’t Lose Something You Never Had”

Recognize that quote? I was raised on romantic comedies and Taylor Swift songs that continue the girl-needs-boy-to-save-her idea as much as any Disney princess movie. Part of the fun of traveling (aside from going new places, doing new things, realizing the conditioning we were raised with) is meeting new people. Everything feels adventurous even ordering … Continue reading “You Can’t Lose Something You Never Had”