Surviving a Semester Studying Abroad

Study abroad students are so near and dear to my heart since just three years ago I boarded a plane to leave my mom, home town and everything familiar for the longest stretch of time to date.  I often look back on that baby version of myself with compassion.  I loved Florence, I loved being … Continue reading Surviving a Semester Studying Abroad

10 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I went to Italy for the First Time

Italy is a beautiful and sometimes confusing country.  As embarrassing as it is to admit this now, I knew really nothing at all about Italy when I first went.  I'm talking about "what's the Ponte Vecchio" and "is this the Duomo" (when passing Santa Croce) nothing.  However the things I wish I knew before I first … Continue reading 10 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I went to Italy for the First Time

In Defense of Going Small

I was fortunate enough to study abroad in Italy twice throughout my four years in college – I spent five weeks in Pisciotta, a small mountaintop town near Salerno, and a semester in Florence, the cultural mecca of Italy. I hold both experiences very close to my heart and fell in love with both places for different reasons but I feel I need to make a case for venturing off the beaten path and going to a small, unknown (to tourists, at least) town.

Top 8 Things to Do on a Saturday in Florence

I studied abroad for the spring semester of my junior year and fell in love with the city and culture. I have spent my fair share of Saturdays in Florence, and have come up with a pretty sure-fire way of spending them. Florence, especially on the weekends, is always buzzing with tourists and locals, so it’s best to head out of your hotel/airbnb/etc with a plan in mind so you see as much as you can! Here’s my list of what makes Florence so unique: