Crying Outside the Visa Office

I keep running list of titles of chapters for my memoir in the Notes section of my phone.  However since a memoir seems too premature and too intensive than I'm really prepared to take on right now, they shall become blog posts.  Here's the first. I had been thinking about taking a TEFL course for … Continue reading Crying Outside the Visa Office

Beating the Blues Abroad

I wish I could say that studying abroad in Florence was the best semester of my life -- that every moment was a dream and that I was never sad.  However, I was in the process of losing my friend group, I was away from my parents for the longest time of my life and … Continue reading Beating the Blues Abroad

Firenze, da Solo

The first time I went to Italy, something clicked.  I had to go back (check out that first picture from our boat ride on the Amalfi could you not fall in love!?).  I applied to study abroad in Florence for the following spring and two years later, I'm heading back again.

In Defense of Going Small

I was fortunate enough to study abroad in Italy twice throughout my four years in college – I spent five weeks in Pisciotta, a small mountaintop town near Salerno, and a semester in Florence, the cultural mecca of Italy. I hold both experiences very close to my heart and fell in love with both places for different reasons but I feel I need to make a case for venturing off the beaten path and going to a small, unknown (to tourists, at least) town.