Know Couchsurfing? Meet “Friendsurfing”

This article was going to be about culture shock, or reverse culture shock. Trying to adjust to a dramatic change in lifestyle. Warning, after WWOOFing that can and will happen. But it happened to me WHILE I was still abroad in 2015. Transitioning from a rural, multi-cultural (Italian/Austrian/Belgian/German/Spanish/French), close-knit family farm in the south of … Continue reading Know Couchsurfing? Meet “Friendsurfing”

“You Can’t Lose Something You Never Had”

Recognize that quote? I was raised on romantic comedies and Taylor Swift songs that continue the girl-needs-boy-to-save-her idea as much as any Disney princess movie. Part of the fun of traveling (aside from going new places, doing new things, realizing the conditioning we were raised with) is meeting new people. Everything feels adventurous even ordering … Continue reading “You Can’t Lose Something You Never Had”

Firenze, da Solo

The first time I went to Italy, something clicked.  I had to go back (check out that first picture from our boat ride on the Amalfi could you not fall in love!?).  I applied to study abroad in Florence for the following spring and two years later, I'm heading back again.

In Defense of Going Small

I was fortunate enough to study abroad in Italy twice throughout my four years in college – I spent five weeks in Pisciotta, a small mountaintop town near Salerno, and a semester in Florence, the cultural mecca of Italy. I hold both experiences very close to my heart and fell in love with both places for different reasons but I feel I need to make a case for venturing off the beaten path and going to a small, unknown (to tourists, at least) town.

Best of Barcelona

Although I graduated from college last May, I didn’t let that stop me from taking a spring break! Lol, my best friend is still in college so I joined her on her spring break to Barcelona. I hadn’t left the country in probably two years so I was really nervous but it was SUCH a great time!!! Below is a bunch of my favorite things I did there!

Top 8 Things to Do on a Saturday in Florence

I studied abroad for the spring semester of my junior year and fell in love with the city and culture. I have spent my fair share of Saturdays in Florence, and have come up with a pretty sure-fire way of spending them. Florence, especially on the weekends, is always buzzing with tourists and locals, so it’s best to head out of your hotel/airbnb/etc with a plan in mind so you see as much as you can! Here’s my list of what makes Florence so unique: