We’re Caryn and Nikki! Hello!

We’re here to share stories about: our travel experiences, our on-goings in and around our hometowns and NYC, art-making, growing plants and whatever else creeps into our heads.

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We swear we do things together! But we’re both always busy taking photos, we don’t remember to pose together for one. This is us in Florence outside Nikki’s apartment in 2015. (Caryn’s on the left, Nik is on the right.) Us in photo class after we got back that fall. And current us’s.

We met in photography class our sophomore year of college and became close when we studied abroad one summer in a small, southern Italian town named Pisciotta. The following spring semester Nikki went off to the Florence University of the Arts and Caryn “WWOOF” ‘ed on two farms in southeast Italy.

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a recent pic of us at a Whiskey Nancies business meeting/life planning session 😉

Nikki graduated in 2016 with a degree in sociology, minoring in math and art. She got her TEFL certification in August 2017 and is currently scheming to return to teach in Italy. Caryn graduated in 2017, with a degree in photography, to move onto a creative office job (is that an oxymoron?). Aside from her day job, she photographs, hikes, gardens and takes as many small trips as possible.

Shout out to an Italian celtic band Jig Rig for a very fun performance of “Nancy Whiskey” at Caffe Letterario on one of our last nights in Florence in 2015. It looked something like this. We hope to bring their lively spirit to this site.

Thanks for looking around 😄