Giving Thanks for Gardening

It’s almost Thanksgiving. My Trader Joe’s Vanilla Pumpkin candle is burning as I write. Among all the light, love, acts of kindness, and pumpkin of this season my heart breaks in the final days of the farmer’s market. But this year my heart hurts just a little more.

I’ve been teaching gardening and nutrition to kids in my area now for 8 months. Knowing the growing season comes to an end is one thing, but realizing the tomato plants have fewer tomatoes, all the leaves are kind of brown, and all the vegetables taste less sweet from the frost, IS SAD. The kids and I talk about plant cycles, death, and decomposition, but now it’s time to feel thankful for all the garden has given us this summer.

I’m thankful we’ve learned to enjoy being outside and to eat tomatoes, peppers and onions like apples. I’ve learned to not teach with the mindset of “how much information can I give these guys.” But with “we learn what we learn, let’s learn together, and all have a good time.” That sounds way better right?


I’ve also learned like most things that happen in our lives, context is everything and largely outside of our control. Nothing grows on my small deck at home, but this garden is in it’s 3rd year of cared for soil with lots of sunshine. Everything grew! Almost too much. My gardening skills can’t make the sun shine in the shade, but that doesn’t mean I can’t grow anything.


So this year thank you to all the kids who’ve taught me. Remember we learn from each other no matter our ages.


Catch Ya Later,


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