My Favorite Florence Jeweler

My last three days in Florence and I still hadn’t found the perfect piece of the city to bring home with me.  I was staying with my roommate in a low-key but beautifully situated hotel (Hotel Benivieni) and living out our last few days.  I was absolutely craving a bagel, so I headed over to Snack Bar Anna on Via Ginori for breakfast.  Just an aside — Snack Bar Anna has the best bagels I’ve ever had in Florence.  It’s run by a very nice couple and has a back room with seating at no extra cost (unusual in Florence)!  Definitely worth checking out.


seriously…check it out!

On the way back to meet my friends at Feltrinelli Red, a nice bookstore with a cafe complete with wifi/coffee/food/wine located in Piazza della Repubblica, I passed by this small jewelry store.  I did a double take and popped on in.

Fiori del Tempo (literally: “flowers of time”) is located at Via Ginori 27.  It’s owned by Francesco Deidda of Sardegna and has been supplying Florence with custom, handmade jewelry since 1985.  The shop — run with the help of his sister — has two locations in Florence, the second being at Via del Corso 31.

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 9.59.11 PM

the handmade & personally adjusted ring I bought from Francesco

Francesco was so nice and spoke at least English and French and was so comforting and welcoming.  When I was shopping here, I was wearing my big carry-on backpack, with two beers to bring home for my brother-in-law in the side pockets in this tiny store at 10am and he still treated me like I would be the best customer he would ever had.  I ended up buying the ring pictured above, engraved with the Florence Giglio.  It is beautiful, delicate and the ultimate things to remind me of Florence back in New York.  And I’m very sensitive to jewelry and metals so I usually get green marks and rashes where I wear jewelry but this doesn’t happen with my Florence ring!

The ring I bought is not really reflective of Francesco’s overall style.  The pieces are so unique and unlike anything I have ever seen.  More pictures can be found here.  They are colorful and modern designs — truly one of a kind.  And not to mention affordable especially considering the craftsmanship that goes into each piece!  The shop also doubles as his workplace so it’s really cool to get a window into the process behind the pieces you’re buying.

If you’re in Florence and wanting a quality gift for yourself or someone back home, this is the place to go!


Ciao for Now,

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