Best of Barcelona

Although I graduated from college last May, I didn’t let that stop me from taking a spring break!  Lol, my best friend is still in college so I joined her on her spring break to Barcelona.  I hadn’t left the country in probably two years so I was really nervous but it was SUCH a great time!!!  Below is a bunch of my favorite things I did there!

The Best MimosaBrunch & Cake by the Sea in the Barceloneta region was literally the best mimosa I’ve ever had in my life.  It was presumably fresh squeezed orange juice (don’t quote me on this but I’d bet some money on it) and equal parts orange juice and champagne.  Also!  It had such wonderful options as a vegetarian/vegan.  Most things have nuts in them (I mention this just because I have a nut allergy so it was annoying) but they were SO accommodating and helped me find something I could eat.  I ended up having the acai bowl and two (lol!  ur only in Barcelona once baby) mimosas and it was FAB.

The Best Experience – I read a lot before I went about the Fountains of Mont Juic and was really excited about it but tried to keep my expectations low.  It’s just a fountain, right?  WRONG!  My friends and I passed by it on the way to the Olympic Stadium (which btw was the best sunset I’ve ever seen) and I was like “ok cool, water.”  BUT!  Then we returned after my sports friend explored the stadium and my BFF and I watched the sunset and made friends with the world’s friendliest dog, and WOW!  It was lit up beautifully, it had such wonderful music accompanying it and there as such a great crowd surrounding it.  Both me and my best friend turned to each other and said that if our future loves ever asked were we were to be proposed to, this would be it.  There were so many people around us that we really felt the rhythm of Barcelona.  It was like Disneyland, but better.  Also on our way back to our hotel, we saw literally the best street performing band we’ve ever seen in our lives.  Literally, go.


an overhead view of the fountains just after sunset


will someone propose to me here?  was I really in Spain or was I in Disney?  Or Niagara Falls?

The Best Building I’ve Ever Been In In My Life, Probably – My friend is an architecture major so it was already decided we were going to La Sagrada Familia.  However, having taken maybe art history classes, I was pretty familiar with Gothic architecture and I’m so not into it.  So I wasn’t super into going to La Sagrada Familia but let me tell you.  Once you enter this building, it’s a complete game changer.  It was the most beautiful building I’ve ever been inside of in my entire life.  The walls of the chapel are almost entirely made of stained glass so it engulfs you in the most beautiful and warmest light you’ve ever been in.


inside La Sagrada Familia

The Best Potato – I read about this tapas bar on trip advisor – Restaurante Tossa – and since we were coming from Sagrada Familia and the restaurant we had picked out didn’t open for another hour and we were starving so we stopped off here and were so SO happy we did!  I’m a vegetarian as previously mentioned so I typically found it difficult to find things to eat (I was really flexible and ended up having fish sometimes) and I ordered a glass of red wine and some potato tapa and it was honestly the best potato I’ve ever had in my life.  My friends shared meatballs or some other meat dish (? I don’t remember!) but they LOVED it.  The wine was good, the food was reasonably priced and the owner was a sweetheart.  PLEASE go here!

The Best Place to Stay – We originally rented an Airbnb but the woman who we rented front never showed up!  We sat in a Starbucks for a few hours (shoutout to the Starbucks baristas at Carrer Comtal, y’all the real MVPs) and then called Hotel Denit and they were so quick to offer us a room.  They were sweet, helpful and welcoming.  The hotel itself was so cute!  We squeezed three people into our room so it was a little bit small, but the beds were so comfortable, the bathroom was really nice, and there were suggestions of places to go all around the hotel.  It included a breakfast which was really good and had GREAT coffee (I’m a coffee ADDICT) and a really cool looking room.  Staff were so great!  Thanks guys!

The Best Lunch – This one is definitely a tie between La Pepita and Can Pescallunes.  The former I went to went I was on my own one day and they were so nice and welcoming.  They responded to me in Spanish when I tried to speak it but also were comfortable speaking English.  I had a local beer which was really good and some really DOPE platanos.  The latter had such a great cheese plate and my friends loved their meatballs and fish salad.  They were a family-owned restaurant and it was so great.  Please go to both of these places!

I loved Barcelona (TBH it didn’t capture my heart as much as Italy did but, I’m so biased) and am so grateful I went.  Some other places I would recommend that I didn’t mention in depth there: the Barcelona Aquarium, Pulperia Con Lampazas (they gave us free after dinner drinks and were generally really funny and great, also the food was SO GOOD), La Boqueria, La Parc de la Ciutadella (literally such a great fountain).  I spent about six days here and it was such a warm, beautiful and wonderful city!!!


a tunnel in the Barcelona Aquarium


Ciao for Now,


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